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When their first few maternity days are over, many working mothers are faced with the tough decision of continuing breast feeding or switching to formula feeding. Breast Feeding is essential for both the mother and the baby. But it could cause some difficulties if you are an employee of a company. Still though the advantages that breast feeding will give one's child makes it the more recommended and preferred route of feeding a baby. Breast Feeding is very important for a newborn baby. There is ample evidence of its benefits over formula feeding.

Some basic differences to remember between breast feeding and formula feeding is the use of cows milk.

  • Doctors do not recommend cow milk for babies till the age of 10 to 12 months.
  • Cow milk is not as nutritious as breast milk.
  • It is much harder for an infant to digest cow milk, at times causing a break down of the digestive system.
  • The main difference between breast milk and cow milk is antibodies.
    Breast milk contains antibodies, which are essential to develop a baby's immune system.
    The immune system is responsible to help fight against virus or bacteria entering the body.

If you decide to use the breast feeding method (as one should), you may need to purchase a breast pump and learn to use it. Though breast pumps may have some temporary difficulties, it is used in various ways and for various reasons. If you'd just like to get some rest, then a breast pump gives your baby the benefit of your milk. It gives an experience of breast feeding to the mother. It also ensures that her baby receives breast milk, which is best for it.

Normally breast pumps are used for mother-baby separation. A breast pump is easy to use and comfortable too. They give nursing mothers more freedom. There are many kinds of pumps are available in the market.

Some are hand-operated; some use batteries and yet others are work on electricity. The design of breast pumps varies as well. There are many models and types available for a mother to shop. The frequency of separation will help decide which type of breast pump one should use.

Some breast pumps protect a mother's breast milk from bacteria and viruses. There are also some manual pumps, which give the performance of an electric pump. There are many models that are pretty affordable, and then there are those that are quite innovative, high-end and branded that promise to give a natural feeling. Choose one that you think best suits you.

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